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Jan 1st - Miki Higashino, Japanese composer
Jan 5th - DJ Bobo, Swiss singer
Jan 5th - Carrie Ann Inaba, American dancer and choreographer
Jan 9th - Al Schnier, American rock guitarist (moe.)
Jan 11th - Tom Dumont, American musician
Jan 12th - Junichi Masuda, Japanese composer
Jan 13th - Chara, Japanese singer and actress
Jan 14th - LL Cool J, [James Todd Smith], St Albans NY, rapper (Bigger & Deffer)
Jan 19th - Whitfield Crane, rocker (Ugly Kid Joe-Mad Man, Too Bad)
Jan 22nd - Heath, Japanese bass guitarist (X Japan)
Jan 24th - Michael Kiske, German musician
Jan 27th - Mike Patton, Eureka Ca, rocker (Faith No More-The Real Thing)
Jan 27th - Tracy Lawrence, Atlanta Tx, country singer (Sticks & Stones)
Jan 27th - Tricky, English rapper
Jan 28th - Sarah McLachlan, folk singer (Fumbling Towards Ecstasy)
Jan 28th - DJ Muggs, American musician (Cypress Hill)
Jan 28th - Rakim, born William Michael Griffin Jr., American rapper
Jan 30th - Trevor Dunn, American musician (Mr. Bungle, Fantômas, Secret Chiefs 3)
Feb 2nd - Simon Wickham-Smith, composer and Mongolist
Actor and Rapper LL Cool JActor and Rapper LL Cool J (Jan 14th)
Feb 5th - Chris Barron, rocker (Spin Doctors)
Feb 5th - Nir Kabaretti, Israeli conductor
Feb 6th - Akira Yamaoka, Japanese composer
Feb 7th - Sully Erna, American singer (Godsmack)
Feb 8th - Claudette Pace, Maltese singer
Feb 9th - Alejandra Guzmán, Mexican singer
Feb 12th - Chynna Phillips, vocalist (Wilson Philips-Hold On), born in Los Angeles, California
Feb 12th - Grégory Charles, French Canadian singer, dancer, pianist, radio and television host
Feb 15th - Axelle Red, Belgian singer and songwriter
Feb 17th - Patrick Uterwijk, pop guitarist (Pestilence, Consuming Impulse)
Feb 19th - Frank Watkins, US heavy metalist bass (Obituary, Cause of Death)
Feb 22nd - Bradley Nowell, American ska musician (Sublime) (d. 1996)
Feb 25th - Evridiki, Greek Cypriot singer
Mar 4th - Evan Dando, rocker (Lemonheads)
Mar 6th - Michael Romeo, American musician (Symphony X)
Mar 8th - Shawn Mullins, American musician
Mar 9th - Johnny Kelly, American drummer (Type O Negative)
Mar 15th - John Tardy, US heavy metalist (Obituary, Slowly We Rot)
Mar 15th - Sabrina [Salerno], Genoa Italy, Miss Italy (1984)/singer (Boys)
Mar 15th - Kahimi Karie, Japanese singer
Mar 15th - Mark McGrath, American musician (Sugar Ray), born in Hartford, Connecticut
Mar 15th - Jon Schaffer, American guitarist (Iced Earth)
Mar 22nd - Euronymous, Norwegian black metal musician (d. 1993)
Mar 26th - Kenny Chesney, American singer
Mar 26th - James Iha, American musician (The Smashing Pumpkins and A Perfect Circle)
Mar 28th - Jon Lee, British drummer (d. 2002)
Mar 29th - Sue Foley, Canadian singer and guitarist
Actress & Singer Lucy LawlessActress & Singer Lucy Lawless (Mar 29th)
Mar 29th - Lucy Lawless, New Zealand actress and singer
Mar 30th - Celine Dion, Quebec Canada, singer (I'm Your Woman)
Apr 1st - Julia Boutros, Lebanese singer
Apr 5th - Paula Cole, American musician
Apr 6th - Vanessa Lann, American composer
Apr 19th - Pascal Kleiman, Spanish DJ, producer, musician
Apr 24th - Aaron Comes, rocker (Spin Doctors)
Apr 28th - Howard Donald, British musician
Apr 29th - Carnie Wilson, rock vocalist (Wilson Phillips-Hold On), born in Los Angeles, California
Apr 30th - Paulo Jr, Brazilian pop bassist (Sepultura, Morbid Visions)
May 1st - Mark Scott, Paramus NJ, rock drummer (Trixter-Give It To Me Good)
May 1st - D'arcy Wretzky, American musician (The Smashing Pumpkins)
May 2nd - Ziana Zain, Malaysian singer and actress
May 3rd - Jay Darlington, keyboardist (Kula Shaker), born in London, England
May 3rd - Shane Minor, American singer
Singer Celine DionSinger Celine Dion (Mar 30th)
May 4th - Julian Barratt, English comedian and musician, one half of The Mighty Boosh
May 6th - Lætitia Sadier, French singer (Stereolab)
May 13th - Alison Goldfrapp, English musician
May 13th - Buckethead, Guitarist
May 13th - PMD, American rapper
May 15th - Seth Putnam, American musician
May 16th - Ralph Tresvant, singer (New Editon), born in Boston, Massachusetts
May 21st - Julie Vega, Filipino child actress and singer (d. 1985)
May 28th - Kylie Minogue, Australian pop star and singer (Locomotion), born in Melbourne, Victoria
May 30th - Tim Burgess, English rock vocalist (Charlatans-Only One I Know)
Jun 1st - Jason Donovan, rocker/actor (Neighbors)
Jun 3rd - Samantha Sprackling, Nigerian singer
Jun 4th - Al B. Sure, American R&B singer
Jun 6th - Alan Licht, American guitarist, composer and journalist
Jun 10th - The D.O.C., American rapper
Pop Star & Singer Kylie MinoguePop Star & Singer Kylie Minogue (May 28th)
Jun 12th - Bobby Sheehan, American musician (Blues Traveler) (d. 1999)
Jun 13th - Deniece Peterson, rocker (5 Star-Silk & Steel)
Jun 13th - David Gray, British musician
Jun 28th - Chayanne, Puerto Rican singer
Jun 30th - Philip Anselmo, American musician
Jul 4th - Jack Frost, American musician
Jul 5th - Kenji Ito, Japanese composer
Jul 19th - Robert Flynn, American musician (Machine Head)
Jul 23rd - Nick Menza, American musician, drummer
Jul 24th - Kristin Chenoweth, American singer and actress
Jul 27th - Christina Singer, Goeppingen Germany, tennis star (1991 Futures GBR)
Jul 29th - Paavo Lotjonen, Finnish Cellist (Apocalyptica)
Jul 30th - Sean Moore, Welsh drummer (Manic Street Preachers)
Aug 1st - Dan Donegan, American musician (Disturbed)
Aug 5th - Terri Clark, Canadian country singer
Aug 7th - Lynn Strait, American singer (Snot)
Aug 9th - Sam Fogarino, American musician (Interpol)
Aug 10th - Michael Bivins, rock vocalist (New Edition, Bell Biv Devoe), born in Boston, Massachusetts
Aug 11th - Charlie Sexton, rocker (Arc Angels)
Aug 11th - Veda Hille, Canadian singer
Aug 16th - Donovan Leitch Jr, actor/musician (I Shot Andy Warhol)
Aug 19th - Mark McGuinn, country music singer
Aug 20th - Yuri Shiratori, Japanese voice actress and singer
Aug 22nd - Paul Colman, Australian guitarist (Newsboys)
Aug 24th - Andreas Kisser, Brazilian heavy metal guitarist (Sepultura)
Aug 25th - Rafet El Roman, Turkish singer and composer
Aug 25th - Stuart Murdoch, Scottish musician (Belle & Sebastian)
Aug 25th - Takeshi Ueda, Japanese singer and composer
Aug 25th - Spider One, American musician (Powerman 5000)
Sep 5th - Brad Wilk, American musician (Audioslave, Rage Against the Machine)
Sep 7th - Kyle Stevens, NJ, rock guitarist (Bang Tango-Dancin' on Coals)
Sep 10th - Big Daddy Kane, American rapper
Sep 11th - Kay Hanley, American musician
Sep 12th - [Reid Laurence] Larry LaLonde, Richmond, California, American guitarist (Primus-Frizzle Fry)
Sep 16th - Marc Anthony, American singer
Sep 17th - Lord Jammer, rocker (Brand Nubian)
Sep 17th - Anastacia, American singer
Sep 18th - Cappadonna, American rapper
Sep 20th - Tim Rogers, Australian singer / songwriter
Sep 21st - Trugoy, rocker (De La Soul)
Actor Will SmithActor Will Smith (Sep 25th)
Sep 25th - Will Smith [The Fresh Prince], actor/rapper (Men in Black, Independence Day, Fresh Prince)
Sep 28th - Bess Singh, [Lennart Bes], Dutch pop drummer (Burma Shop-Hippies)
Sep 29th - Luke Goss, rocker (Bros-I Owe You Nothing)
Sep 29th - Matt Goss, rocker (Bros-I Owe You Nothing)
Oct 2nd - Jeff Martin, Canadian singer/songwriter
Oct 7th - Thom Yorke, British pop musician and lead singer of Radiohead ('Creep', 'Paranoid Android' and 'Pyramid Song')
Oct 12th - Hugh Jackman, Australian actor and singer (X-men, Real Steel)
Oct 14th - Johnny Goudie, American musician
Oct 15th - Jyrki 69, Finnish musician The 69 Eyes
Oct 17th - Ziggy Marley, reggae performer and son of Bob Marley
Oct 19th - Sinitta, British-American singer (So Macho, Toy Boy), born in Seattle, Washington
Oct 22nd - Shelby Lynne, Quantico Va, country singer (If I Could Bottle This Up)
Oct 22nd - Shaggy [Orville Richard Burrell], Kingston, Jamaica, reggae rapper (Boombastic)
Oct 29th - Tsunku, Japanese music producer
Nov 2nd - Ultra Naté, American musician
Pop Singer and Rapper ShaggyPop Singer and Rapper Shaggy (Oct 22nd)
Nov 7th - Greg Tribbett, American musician (Mudvayne)
Nov 9th - Nazzareno Carusi, Italian pianist
Nov 11th - Jo Kittsee, Germany, rocker (Fuzzbox-Into Rescue)
Nov 11th - Wyatt Pauley, Ecuador, rocker (Linear-I Never Felt This Way, Lies)
Nov 11th - David L Cook, American singer and comedian
Nov 12th - Aya Hisakawa, Japanese voice actress/singer
Nov 12th - Aaron Stainthorpe, British singer (My Dying Bride)
Nov 15th - Jennifer Charles, American singer/songwriter
Nov 15th - Ol' Dirty Bastard, American rapper (d. 2004)
Nov 18th - Romany Malco, American actor and music producer
Nov 21st - Alex James, English bassist
Nov 25th - Erick Sermon, American rap music artist
Nov 28th - Dawn Robinson, singer (En Vogue)
Nov 29th - Jonathan Raleigh Knight, Mass, rocker (New Kids-Hangin' Tough)
Nov 30th - Des'ree [Desirée Annette Weeks], English singer (Feel So High, You Gotta Be, Life)
Dec 2nd - Nate Mendel, American bassist (Foo Fighters)
Dec 3rd - Montell Jordan, American singer and record producer
Dec 9th - Michael Foster, Richmond Va, drummer (Firehouse-Love of a Lifetime)
Dec 12th - Tatianna, Phila Pa, spanish singer (Baile Commigo, Chicad de Hoy)

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