Deaths in Music for Year 1970

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Jan 2nd - Piotr Rytel, composer, dies at 85
Jan 5th - Roberto Gerhard, composer, dies at 73
Jan 17th - Billy Stewart, singer (I Do Love You), dies in auto-accident at 32
Jan 24th - James "Shep" Shepherd, rocker (Shep & Limelites), beaten to death
Jan 31st - Slim Harpo, [James Moore], rocker, dies at 28
Feb 1st - Blaz Arnic, composer, dies at 69
Feb 2nd - Jaroslav Vogel, composer, dies at 76
Feb 11th - Emil Abranyi, composer, dies at 87
Feb 12th - Andre Souris, composer, dies at 79
Feb 17th - Alfred Newman, US composer, dies at 69
Feb 20th - Albert Louis Wolff, composer, dies at 86
Feb 26th - Ethel Leginska, composer, dies at 83
Mar 1st - Lucille Hegamin, American singer and entertainer (b. 1894)
Mar 13th - Rick Besoyan, composer, dies at 45
Mar 16th - Tammi Terrell, soul singer (You're All I Need), dies of brain tumor at 24
Mar 20th - Manolis Chiotis, Greek bouzouki virtuoso and song writer (b. 1920)
Mar 21st - Manolis Chiotis, Greek songwriter and musician (b. 1920)
Apr 5th - Jacob H "Jaap" Stotijn, oboist/conductor, dies at 78
Apr 30th - Hall Johnson, composer, dies at 82
May 3rd - Candelario Huizar, composer, dies at 82
May 7th - Carlos Estrada, composer, dies at 60
May 9th - Percy Brier, composer, dies at 84
May 11th - Johnny Hodges, American musician (b. 1906)
Jun 11th - Earl Grant, American musician and singer (b. 1931)
Jun 16th - Heino Eller, composer, dies at 83
Jul 7th - Louise Harrison, mother of Beatle George, dies
Jul 17th - Juano Hernandez, actor (St Louis Blues, Two Loves), dies at 74
Jul 19th - Barry Wood, singer (Your Hit Parade), dies at 61
Jul 29th - John G B Barbirolli, English conductor/composer, dies at 70
Jul 29th - Jonel Perlea, composer, dies at 69
Jul 30th - George Szell, Hungarian/US conductor (Cleveland Orch), dies at 73
Aug 6th - Ingolf Dahl, German composer (Andante & Arioso), dies at 58
Aug 10th - Bernd-Alois Zimmermann, Germ composer (Requiem), commits suicide at 52
Aug 13th - Viktor Nikolayevich Trambitsky, composer, dies at 75
Aug 14th - Vano Il'ich Muradeli, composer, dies at 62
Aug 15th - Karl August Andersen, composer, dies at 66
Aug 21st - Timothy Mather Spelman, composer, dies at 79
Aug 22nd - Richard Frank Donovan, composer, dies at 78
Aug 23rd - Nel Rose, dancer, dies at 55
Sep 2nd - Cornelis L "Kees" van Baaren, Dutch composer (Hollow Men), dies at 63
Sep 3rd - Al Wilson, "Blind Owl", guitarist/vocalist (Canned Heat), dies at 27
Rock Guitarist Jimi HendrixRock Guitarist Jimi Hendrix (Sep 18th)
Sep 18th - Jimi Hendrix, rock guitarist (Purple Haze), dies of a drug overdose at 27
Sep 23rd - Bourvil, French actor and singer (b. 1917)
Sep 25th - Efim Golishev, composer, dies at 73
Oct 1st - Hans Poser, composer, dies at 52
Oct 1st - Petar Konjovic, composer, dies at 87
Oct 2nd - Alfred Julius Swan, composer, dies at 79
Oct 2nd - Anders Bo Leif Linde, composer, dies at 37
Oct 4th - George Frederick McKay, composer, dies at 71
Oct 4th - Janis Joplin, rock singer (Down on Me), dies of a drug overdose at 27
Oct 11th - Anis Fuleihan, composer, dies at 69
Oct 13th - Julia Culp, mezzo-soprano, dies at 90
Oct 28th - Baby Huey, [James Ramey], vocalist (Baby Huey & Babysitters), dies
Oct 28th - Eduardo Lopez-Chavarri y Marco, composer, dies at 99
Nov 6th - Agustín Lara, Mexican composer and poet (b. 1900)
Nov 18th - Hal Dickinson, singer (Modernaires), dies at 56
Singer Janis JoplinSinger Janis Joplin (Oct 4th)
Nov 24th - Evgeny Karlovich Tikotsky, composer, dies at 76
Nov 29th - Robert Ruthenfranz, composer, dies at 65
Dec 31st - Cyril M Scott, English composer/author (Alchemist), dies at 91

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